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Dental Scaling and Root Planing By Best Orthodontists

Scaling is the process of removing or eliminating the etiologic agents like dental plaque and calculus which cause inflammation, thus helping to establish a periodontium that is free of gum disease i.e. Gingivitis. According to the experts of best orthodontic treatment in Delhi, gum disease may affect the tooth bone structure. Periodontal scalers and periodontal curettes are some of the tools involved. It's a nonsurgical way to cure gum disease. It is a simple way to improve your gum and tooth health and keep them from getting damage or decay. It is also known as professional cleaning. It is totally based upon the depth or amount of dirt deposited.

There are different types of process used for dental scaling:

With hand held instruments: Experts of best orthodontic treatment in Delhi uses Scaler and Curette in this type of procedure. Dentist manually removes plaque and hard dirt or mineral deposits present in bottom of the tooth. With Ultrasonic Instruments: A vibrating tip is used to scale the deposits and plaque. A continuous water spray washes out all the removed particles away from the mouth. Use of metallic tip is depends upon the plaque or deposits.