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Light Cure Dental Filling In South Delhi

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Teeth Bonding & Dental Filling Procedure

This is the latest technique of dental bonding, used for dental fillings. It is done with the help of dental curing light that is a part of dental apparatus, used to polymerize light cure resin composites. This filling can be used on various dental materials that are treated by light. Conventional methods of tooth filling needed to be fixed mechanically but this type of dental filling in south Delhi, makes a strong chemical bond with the tooth. So there is no need to remove the healthy portion of the tooth for only filling purpose. For light cure filling dentist of dental filling in south Delhi, will firstly clean the cavity i.e. the filling area, after which a phosphoric acid based gel is applied on that area. This gel helps to bind the composite. Composite filling is now filled to the tooth, and then the tooth surface is exposed to the curing light. It will help composite material to set and harden.

Dental Filling Using Halogen Curing and LED Curing Light

It is a very strong blue colored light which is not UV light, nor the lasers so it doesn't harm patient's teeth. Dentists use two types of curing lights: Halogen Curing and LED curing Light. They are similar in use.LED curing light are widely used by dental experts now days. Light curing filling is characterized by there pressure resistance and tensile strength.