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It is a part of prosthetic dentistry used to improve appearance, oral functionality and comfort.

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Removable Partial Denture

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Theses are the replacement of missing teeth and damaged tissues with an artificial substitute. Denture clinic in Delhi uses RPD to restore the oral functions like: speech, comfort and etc. They are gum colored plastic based framework having natural colored connectors. Chewing becomes more comfortable with removable partial dentures.

Cast Partial Denture

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These are acrylic tissue based cast metal framework. Cast partial dentures basically used in case, where multiple tooth replacement will occur. They are extremely stable and less noticeable by tongue. An advantage of this type of partial is, they never contact with the oral tissue so there is no problem of sore spots. They can be removed and fit by the patient itself.

Complete Denture

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several type of Complete and Removable dentures

They are of two types, Conventional and immediate. In conventional dentures, replacement is fitted after the healing of the gum tissues. It will take 2-3 months to healing. But in case of immediate dentures, it is placed before healing the gum tissue so that denture can be fitted more strongly. It replaces all the natural teeth in either the upper jaw or the lower jaw teeth. Complete dentures are low in cost and pleasant in appearance. Experts of denture clinic in Delhi suggested using these types of dentures.

Flexible Denture (removable or complete)

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Flexible dentures are used when several teeth are missing but not all. These are less in weight, durable and metal clips or connectors are not required to keep them in place. Because they are acrylic based they are esthetically pleasant and more comfortable than metal dentures.