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Dental implants are turning into a best option for the substitution of missing teeth as they are settled and don't require drilling of nearby teeth. One of the biggest advantages of dental implant treatment is, they are fixed and have one-time cost with a lifetime value. Costing may vary according to the oral location and number of tooth implants. According to Dr. Tangri, expert of dental implant clinic in Delhi, this treatment provides a permanent restoration without compromising adjacent teeth. Implants are comfortable and strong restoration that allows you to eat all your favorite food without any hesitation.

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Best Implant specialist in Delhi

Types of Dental Implants used by best Implant specialist in Delhi

Dental Implants are used to replace the root of missing tooth. Following are the Different types of tooth implants used by Dental implant specialists in South Delhi

Single Tooth Implant: It is used for the patients who have missing single tooth. Implant specialist attaches implant directly with the bone. It acts like a tooth root. A crown is then integrated with the implants.

Fixed Multiple Tooth Implant: Used for the patients missing more then one tooth. It is used to stop the bone loss with out disturbing adjacent healthy tooth.

Removable Tooth Implant: If in case all of your lower or upper teeth are missing, depending on the design of the restoration, implants may be used to hold the dentures.


Single Tooth Implant

Multiple Tooth Implant

Multiple Tooth Implant

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All On Four (Fixed Complete)

All On Four (Fixed Complete)

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